Frequently Asked Questions

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 General and DJ FAQ

I am interested in DJ and Photo Booth services. Are there packages available for both services?

Yes. Special pricing is available for booking both services together. Contact us an we will be glad to set up an entertainment evaluation to discuss your entertainment needs.

I would like to meet with my DJ prior to my event. Do you make this possible?

Yes, of course. You should accept absolutely no less than this for any DJ Service. We usually meet with our clients at least once in person to discuss event details and always contact our clients within 2 weeks prior to the event to make sure ALL aspects of your event are covered.

What types of music do you provide?

YOU choose the music played at your event and have access to our online music library through your personal log-in with a username and password. You choose your music online and we receive the information. Our database includes thousands of songs including 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Acoustic, Big Band, Classic Rock, Classical, Country, Dance, Disco, Folk, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Motown, Oldies, Orchestra, Pop, R&B, Rock, Soul, Strings, Swing, and World. Pretty much everything genre you can think of.

There are songs that I DO NOT want played at my event. Can I choose to have these songs NOT played?

Yes. With our online tools, there is an option to choose songs that you DO NOT want played. Let’s get real, not everyone likes “The Chicken Dance” đŸ™‚

What is your usual attire?

We dress in a tuxedo for your event by default unless otherwise specified with our online event planning tools.

Do you have back-up equipment?

This is a very important question. YES we do. In the rare occasion that any piece of our equipment fails, we can quickly correct the problem and keep the party rockin’.

Do you have a sign, banner or any other advertisements that you use at your events?

No. Your event is about YOU, not us. We’re confident enough with our services that we do not need this type of advertisement. If someone requests a business card, we will be glad to provide it for them.

Is there a travel charge for your services?

No and Yes. There is no travel charge for events within 50 miles of Owensboro, KY. A rate of $1.00/mile is charged beyond that point to cover traveling expenses.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes you can. We prefer payment by cash, check or Money Order, but you do have access to our secure payment portal by clicking here.

Photo Booth FAQ

How does the Photo Booth work?

It’s almost too easy! Guests enter the booth. They then sit, stand, cram, squeeze or jockey for position. The touchscreen display tells them how to do the rest. There are audible and visual triggers to ensure your guests know when each of the photos will be taken. Once all photos are taken, the photo session is reviewed on the display inside the booth. While your guests are laughing at their pictures on screen (10-15 seconds), their photo is being developed. By the time they exit the booth… BOOM! Their photo is printed and ready.

What are the ``Custom Graphics`` options and how does it work?

We can completely customize your photos any way you like. We work with you to understand your theme and style and tailor your graphics to fit your needs. There are many layouts to choose from for your photo configuration. We are glad to offer examples if you request.

What is the ``Photo Memory Book`` and what does it include?

The memory book is a scrapbook including your guests’ Photo Booth Sessions that is designed throughout your celebration. Most wedding reception clients choose this option with the duplicate strip layout. The photos are cut in half and your guests get to keep one strip. The other strip goes in your scrapbook and your guests may write a special message for you and your new spouse with our special markers if they wish. All supplies needed are provided and the booth attendant will assist your guests with the Photo Memory Book.

Will the photos from the Photo Booth fade after the event?

No! Not with our booth. We use a professional dye-sublimation printer with every Photo Booth Rental, which provides photo-lab quality photos that will not fade or smudge.

What color backgrounds are available?

We use black by default, unless you specify wanting another background curtain color

What photo colors are available?

You and your guests choose from color or black and white photos from the touchscreen before you start your photo session.

Is there a deposit required for Photo Booth Rental?

Yes. There is a $200 refundable deposit. Your full $200 deposit is refunded if you cancel prior to 60 days before the event.

I need the booth set up 2 hours before the reception because my wedding ceremony and reception are in the same place. Is there a charge for this time?

1 hour on idle time is included with your rental. Some of our clients choose to have the booth operating for 1 hour during the cocktail hour, idle for dinner and then operating for another few hours after dinner. There is a $30/hour charge for additional idle time over 1 hour.

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