I specialize as a Wedding DJ. It is my true passion.  Having a critical part in the success of many wedding receptions for over 12 years is a true honor.

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For the success of your reception, it is of utmost importance that you choose a wedding DJ service with a DJ who understands the meaning and performs as a true MC (Master of Ceremonies). An MC’s responsibilities include the overall planning and implementation of events, pertaining to the timing and delivery of formalities within events, especially in wedding receptions. I successfully achieve this responsibility, mostly, by providing access to information, resources, forms and meetings with my clients. These complimentary services are provided through this website and through classic paper documents to ensure satisfaction every time.

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Your guests are properly informed on all events of the evening and will actually become a participant in your special night, rather than just spectators. For example, they will know when, where and how dinner will be served before you even get to the reception. I also coordinate with all of your other vendors to ensure that caterers, photographers, wedding planners, etc. are all on the same page throughout the formalities of your reception. This means that your photographer/videographer will know when and where to be ready to ensure all of your special moments are captured.

The Top 9 Reasons To Choose This Service:

Stress-Free & Complete Planning With Unlimited Support

Experienced & Professional Performance

Modern Equipment with Backup

Cloud-Based Reception Management

Robust Music Request Database

Complimentary Online Planning Forms

Fully Customized, Jaw-Dropping Lighting Options

Personal Consultation – You Deal With Your DJ

Completely Custom Options

DJ Service Lighting1We are also proud to have the best lighting packages and options around. We use high-tech intelligent lighting that is sure to impress you and your guests. What are your wedding colors? We can program custom light shows with our lighting software to create a décor that matches your wedding theme. We consistently receive great comments about the lighting where we perform. We provide uplighting, up to 18 ft. of lighting truss for your dance floor, rotating moving-head projectors, spotlights, etc. Perhaps you have seen our Custom LED illuminated cocktail tables? How about washing your cake with elegant color or beaming it with a spotlight? We can also project Custom Monograms with light on the wall or dance floor using our gobo projector. There are many, many options we can discuss.

You have enough to worry about when planning your special day. Our clients have the satisfaction of knowing that the entertainment, lighting and flow of their event are 100% taken care of and under control. Our service includes face-to-face meetings and you also have unlimited access to us directly via phone and email for any questions or requests.

Why do we do all of this? Because we CARE about the success of your big night. We want to be the reason that your celebration is remembered forever.  Choose YOUR wedding DJ wisely!

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